Saturday, January 6, 2007

Unbelievable! ?

On Thursday, in the evening, I wrote a post about some stress and giving it to God and trusting Him to make it run smoothly and if it didn't that's what He wanted. Well . . . . . . you're not going to believe how He allowed that to be tested. You know the devil is still alive and working overtime and wants nothing more than to tear you down. Sometimes God allows things in our life to show us and teach us that our walk and talk have to go hand in hand.

The day started off ((((cold))))) and windy. (gusts to 80 miles an hour). The painters at the church were having trouble with the tape not holding the paper and their ladders blowing over and sand getting on the fresh paint. My day was a revealing experience aaalll day. Just a few:
I made my oatmeal in the morning and discovered afterward that we were out of milk. I like my oatmeal with milk. Oh well, Eggos, here we come (they're fast). My new calendars were missing some things -- Anniversary Sunday in October and Christmas Dinner in December. My "therapy" was to sit down and write, by hand, on the 75 that were still in the foyer. I then discovered an error on some tithe records and proceeded to change those. All the while the computer was doing some really {{{wierd}}} things. I have two witnesses, it wasn't just me (the computer challenged one). All the time I kept praying "it's yours God." I don't think He puts as much 'importance' on 'things' as we do. Life is sssooo fleeting and passing sssooo fast and we waste too much time on the 'wrong things'. Well in the end things did "come together for good to those that love the Lord" :o] I was at the church until 9:00 p.m. along with Casey, Thomas, Pastor, and Mrs. Janet. The fellowship was sweet. This life is about people: knowing Christ as Savior and growing, maturing and loving God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Nothing else should come close in comparison.


Mishel said...

I am so glad you post things like this...the struggles AND the victories. It's a good reminder to pray for CBC and the people that keep things running. There is SO much the rest of us don't even know goes on "behind the scenes". Love you!

Robin said...

I ditto Mishel's comment. Thank you for ALL you do as well as sharing the challenges and victories.

Heather said...

We all think you are just an amazing woman who truly has a heart for Christ. This was encouraging to me :)