Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My First Day "blogging"?

This is the first time i've ever done something like this so please bear with me. I so enjoy reading Pam K and Mishel's blogs that I thought I would try it myself. Well . . . it's Tuesday, January 2nd and everything is back to normal . . .except school is still out and the post office is closed. It's funny how a new year brings thoughts of new beginnings. I'm going to start this thing or that thing . . . when we probably should have been doing it all along. "Most" people want to do things that are "better" for them not "bad" or "worse". I hope this is something better for me. I'm so excited about going to Texas and seeing my new baby granddaughter, Kaelyn Faith. I know once I get there I won't see much of her because of my 2 grandsons, Jonathan (fennie) and Ethan (eeeffie) or as I affectionately call them -- bubba and chunck :o). Be assured that you are prayed for today. I may not know you but my Savior does and I pray that He will have His will and way in your life today! God bless you!


Mishel said...

Oh my!! I saw "Granny Kate" on Pam's comments and I just KNEW who it was!! I am SO excited to see you here in the blogosphere...welcome! And congratulations on your new precious grand-daughter.


Pamela said...

Hello, I'm not sure who you are, do I know you? Thanks for reading my blog, I'm new at this too! Congratulations on your new grand baby!
Love, Pam

Heather said...

*gasp* ((((((Mrs Kathi)))) I am so excited that I can stay in touch with you this way! :) We love and miss you all. I will be a frequent reader! :)love, Heather

Heather said...

Oh...please tell Rach congrats for me!! They are just so precious. I was showing Brianna the pics :) just precious!!