Friday, January 19, 2007

God is soooooo GOOD!

Well, we left for Fort Hood, TX on Wed. 1-10-07. Driving there was great. There were no mishaps, no car trouble, no traffic, great weather and our GPS got us there with no problem. It was so good to see my daughter, Rachael. She's a precious loving mommy to her children and a loving and devoted wife to our son in law, Chris. Jonathan was 5 yrs old on the 8th and we helped with his party at Chuck E Cheese ---- oh boy. He's definitely a BIG brother. You know bossy and controling and a know it all. He's my bubby and I love him dearly. He loves going to church and I continue to pray that he will make a decision for Christ. Actually, that's my prayer for ALL my grandchildren, and their children, and their children . . . . My Effie (aka Ethan) will talk your leg off if you let him. No, he didn't learn that from me :o}. Not much stops him, he's very interested about anything and everything. Even when he's told to leave it alone. He's a "must watch" child. Then . . . there's the little girlie, Kaelyn Faith. She's the best baby. At two weeks old she's looking for faces when she hears voices. She almost never cries and Rach said she's already gain a pound and a half. Everyone is totally enjoying her.
When we left for CA we only got within 20 miles of the I-10 and were turned around back to the northwest to the 190. We were on it for miles trying to get back to the I-10 but to no avail. The snow, sleet and ice storms had the I-10 closed and eventually caught up with us on the 190. We drove on the ice in minimal visibility and finally got to, of all places, Iraan TX. The one motel had no vacancies and I began to weep as I thought we might have to spend the night in our Jeep in 20 degree weather in the convenience store parking lot. We prayed and thanked God that we were safe and had things that would help us. After calling the Sheriff in town we learned that we were "trapped" by the storm. We went back to the motel to see if anyone had cancelled their reservations because they couldn't get to town and YES there was one cancellation. The lady, from India, said, "You're lucky." I said, "No, it's God." "He's taking care of us." We had a nice warm room with beds, bathroom, TV, microwave, iron/ironing board, curling iron, and refrigerator. What a difference between what I thought we were going to have to do and what God gave us. I know He would have taken care of us either way. We paid for another day at the motel and started to venture out to see "the damage". We didn't have to spend another night. God cleared everything up and we got out all the way to Deming NM. We finally got home Thursday night. During the night another storm went through NM and they closed the I-10 there and there was rain through eastern AZ, but we were home. No car trouble, no health problems, no traffic, no mishaps, and our GPS got us home again. God's Protective Shield = GPS. To be held in His arms! Even when things aren't going "right". That's the only place to be. See you tomorrow. Thank you for praying. "There's more pictures and the very bottom of this page."


Robin said...

I am so glad you are home!! I can not wait to see the pictures!.
For some reason my computer isn't letting pictures come through.

Mishel said...

*LOVE* the pictures!! I am so thankful you were able to go and be with your family (although your church family missed you bunches!). But I am even more thankful for God's protection and His provision and that you made it home safely. : )

Robin said...

I got to see the pictures. Beautiful!
Time for another post? Missing you.

Heather said...

Wow!! What an adventure :) it. I really enjoy the pictures too! What a beautiful family!

Jenny said...


Finally got to your blog love it.